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Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved

Did you know that the majority of doors in the uk are of the Upvc type ? Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we deal with these door locks on a weekly basis. Upvc Door Locks also known as Multipoint door locks can cause a few problems and some of the frequently seen problems are below.


1. Customer is unable to lock the door- Locksmiths Ormskirk will ask you to open the door and try to lock it with the door open if this works ok then the problem is with the alignment of the door with the frame keeps and not you lock.


2. Customer is unable to unlock or open the door- this indicates that the lock may have failed which means that the lock will probably need replacing once the door is opened.


3. Customer reports that the handles are just spinning around- Locksmith Ornskirk will ask you to try the handle on the otherside of the door if this is working ok then it is probably just the handles that need replacing if they are both spinning then it is the lock that has failed and needs replacing.


4. Customer cant get the key out of the lock but its locking and opening ok- This indicates that the euro cylinder will need replacing because the cam of the lock is probably mis-aligned normally due to a key being left on the inside of the door when trying to open it from the outside.


If you have any of these UPVC door lock problems then give Derek or Pam at Locksmiths Ormskirk a ring for a free no obligation quote you do not need a new door.

Can I Replace The Multipiont Lock Myself ?

Lockkeys Locksmiths DIY Multipoint Lock

When youve got a Upvc Door problem can I replace the multilpoint locks myself ? Of course you can everything can be done when you know what your doing. However there are hundreds of different types and sizes and you wont be able to get them at B & Q.


Sometimes its not the lock thats the problem but the door that needs re-aligning, the phot on the left is a broken multippoint door lock, the lock itself was not broke when it was in the door it was the customer that broke the lock when getting it out of the door. this customer forced open his jammed door causing some damage to the lock then caused the rest of the damage taking the lock out of the door.


Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk we want our customers to save money and help them to save money with our prices, if you have a problem with a upvc door and would like advice or a free no obligation quote then give Derek or Pam a ring on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers because without them we wouldnt be here.

Floppy Handles, Key Stuck In Lock, Handles Spinning, Unable To Lock Unlock My UPVC Door

Locksmiths Ormskirk Floppy Handles

All the above are problems with Upvc Door some can be solved before its too late and without the need to replace your upvc door lock, the secret to this is to ask advice before its too late, if a door drops a bit it can cause you to put more pressure on the handles to lock the door which then puts pressure on the lock because you have to force it into position to make it lock.


If it carries on then a couple of things will happen, the handles wil break as in the picture and secondly if your unlucky the door will lock into position and you wont be able to unlock the door because the door lock fails.


Whatever the problem give Locksmiths Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 we offer free advice and if required will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

My Upvc Door Lock Is Obsolete - Call Locksmiths Ormskirk On 07967 778940 Before You Buy A New Door

Just like other businesses lock manufacturers sometimes change their designs of lock and this means on occasions that your door lock may be obsolete in that its not made anymore, however before you buy another door give Derek at Locksmith Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 we can often source older locks or when we cant can often suggest another replacement providing a similar level of security.

Does Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940 Re-Align Upvc Doors ?

Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940 we are working on upvc doors for over 70% of the time and part of this work is re-aligning doors, his is becuase more often than not its a lock has failed because the door has dropped. Howver not all upvc door hinges are adjustable and in this case you may have to adjust the door keeps to accomodate the lock.

Adjusting the door using upvc hinges is not easy for someone who has no experience or knowledge and could make things worse,

If you think your doors dropped and its needs adjusting then give Derek or Pam your Ormskirk Locksmiths a ring on 07967 778940 explain he problem and we will provide you with a no obligation quote.

Its Transparent Prices With Our Emergency Locksmiths In Ormskirk


Yes its transparent prices with our Emergency Locksmiths in Ormskirk when you call us on 07967 778940 you can rest assured that our prices will be transparent the price will be based around the information you provide us and the quote wil be for the job we dont charge per hour we dont charge a call out fee and we dont charge vat.

Once you decide that you would like our Emergency Locksmith in Ormskirk to attend we wil give you a eta and let you know when we are 5 minutes off so no need to be stood outside your door especially if the weather is bad.

On arrival we will confirm what the problem is and confirm the price and only after your agreement will we commence work.

Window Handle Locks & Keys

20191219_192250 (1)

Did you know that your window handles dont have unique keys ? most window hanle keys will open all the same model and make of window handle. So if you lose your key and your neighbour has similar window handles then their key will work.


You can then get a off the peg key from your local key cutters alternatively have a look online as their are plenty of companies who will identify your handle make and post your out a key at a small cost.


If your handle lock fails and you need a locksmith then yur welcome to call us on 07967 778940 and speak to Pam or Derek of Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk for a no obligation quote.

My Upvc Door Lock Is Broke Can I Fix It Myself ?

Lockkeys Locksmiths Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved

Upvc doors now account for more than 70% of all doors in the UK and upvc doors locks are not a universal fit there are different manufacturers who make different models of lock which can be different sizes and of course you cant just buy them from a local diy store.

So sourcing and replacing a upvc door lock can be difficult especially when the lock is no longer made.

At Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940 we are working on upvc door locks nearly every day and so are the Ormskirk Locksmiths to call when you have a upvc door lock problem.