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Locksmith Ormskirk 07967-778940

Locksmith Ormskirk 07967-778940

Need a Locksmith in Ormskirk, Emergency Locksmith in Ormskirk call Derek on 07967-778940 for a free no obligation quote. Your Locksmith in Ormskirk, can open locked doors, replace locks, fit locks and cut keys and we can normally be with you within the hour.


Your Locksmiths in Ormskirk, Lockkeys Locksmith Services are a local family owned Locksmith providing locksmith services in Ormskirk, Widnes and St Helens.


Why Lockkeys? our  locksmith Ormskirk can offer you really competitive rates for example our lock replacement service starts from £58 give us a call on 07967 778940 for a free quote on all our services.


Locksmith Ormskirk are not a national company do not charge for a call out, do not charge vat and only charge for the job and not per hour  and in most cases can give you a quote over the phone.

If you need an Emergency Locksmith in Ormskirk, then call Derek on 07967-778940 for a free no obligation quote or advice


Our Services include emergency locksmiths, lock opening, lock fitting, upvc door locks and mechanisms, upvc window locks and mechanisms, lock sales, keys and key cutting, padlock sales.


Housemover Specials


Locksmith Ormskirk strongly advise all new property owners to change their locks, this can be cheaper than you think our locksmith in Ormskirk can change your front and back door locks from just £68. Give us a ring for a free no obligation quote.


Home Security with Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940


The team at Locksmiths Ormskirk want all our customers to not only feel secure at home but be secure at home and in order to achieve this Locksmith  Ormskirk have put together some top tips for your home security.

Locksmiths Ormskirk suggest that making your front garden tidy and secure could prevent an intruder from entering your home.

Check for weak spots where a thief could get into your garden, for example, a low or sagging fence, or a back gate with a weak lock.

Locksmith  Ormskirk also suggest that our customers make sure the front of the house is clearly visible from the road, this will prevent intruders from being able to make access to the house unseen from the road.

Another suggestion from Locksmiths Ormskirk is to consider using gravel for pathways as it is impossible to walk on without making a sound which could alert yourselves or others about a possible intruder.


Locksmiths Ormskirk Top Tips


Gates, fencing, walls or hedges should not be more than 1 metre high so your property is clearly visible.


Keep gardens neat and tidy so that intruders cannot hide.


Consider using gravel for driveways as it is impossible to walk on without making a sound.


Keep cars, bikes and other valuables are locked up in the garage.


Make sure your garages are secured when not in use.


Install a security alarm for additional security. There are various options for alarms, please see our security alarms section for further information.


Fit dusk till dawn security lighting.


Cancel milk, newspapers or other deliveries if you will be leaving the house unoccupied.



 Locksmith Prices in Ormskirk from only £58 no call out charge and no vat, call for a free no obligation quote we are here for our customers because without you we wouldnt be here.

Locksmith Ormskirk 07967 778940 Near Me ?

When searching for Locksmiths Near me look no further than Locksmiths Ormskirk your local family owned locksmiths in Ormskirk and surrounding areas we can be with you within 45 minutes of your call to help you gain entry back into your premsises, so if youve lost your keys, or simply want to change your locks ask Derek or Pam at Locksmith Ormskirk for a no obligation quote.

Locksmith Lost keys

Out Of Normal Hours Locksmiths In Ormskirk 07967 778940

24 Hour Locksmiths Ormskirk

When you need 24 Hour Locksmiths Ormskirk then give Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk a ring, we can be with your within 45 minutes of your call and when you phone us you will speak to the owners either Derek or Pam as we do not use call centres to answer out calls. After asking a few questions we can either give you a quote or pass you details of the 24 Hour Locksmith covering Ormskirk so you can speak to him directly.

Providing a 24 Hour Locksmith Ormskirk service means that we carry a vast amount of stock and tools to ensure we can carry out the job on a first visit so if your locked out or a victim of crime or simple need your locks changing for another reason then give us a ring for a free no obligation quote we are here to help our customers

Locksmith Ormskirk 07967 778940 Working With Edge Hill University Students

Here at Locksmith Ormskirk we understand the needs of students as a former student myself although it was a long time ago we keep our prices competitive and can change locks at a time to suit the students schedule. Locksmith Ormskirk already work with letting agents and private landlords who have property in and around Ormskirk, on occasions we get calls from students who are locked out but have no money to pay for a locksmith, this is where the bank of mum and dad come in, we can accept bacs payments from the bank of mum and dad solving the problem and as we give free no obligation quotes you know how much the work is gpoing to cost before we get to you.

Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved With Locksmith Ormskirk

Upvc Door Lock Problems Solved with Lockmith Ormsk

Upvc door lock problems solved with Locksmith Ormskirk if youve got problems with your upvc door give Locksmith Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 for free advice and if required a quote to solve the problem, we work with these locks on a weekly basis as upvc doors now make up over 70 percent of all doors in the UK, so if youve got floppy handles, key stuck in cylinder, door locked and unable to open it door open and unable to lock it give us a ring it may be cheaper than you think and you wont need to buy a new door.

How Do Locksmiths Ormskirk Open Locked Doors

Lots of people ask how do Locksmiths Ormskirk open locked doors, well its not a mystery any longer with the invention of the internet theres loads of advice available on how to open locked doors and replace locks so why do you need a locksmith ?


Here at Locksmith Ormskirk unlike other trades we dont do any plumbing, we dont do any gardening or decorating, we dont clean gutters why because I would be no good at it we just deal with what we knoiw best and thats Locksmithing.


Although its easy when you know how, it can be expensive when you dont know how and thats happened with more than a few of our customers after looking on the internet.


Examples of this include:

Customers drilling locks in the wrong place and damaging the handles and gearbox of a multilock meaning they all had to be changed instead of just the euro cylinder.


Customer jemmying a upvc door open when she had lost the key to the door, needing a new multilock and keeps and euro cylinder and had also damaged the door itself.


Customer ordered a set of Lock Picks from ebay to remove a broken key from a lock when it was the lock that needed replacing.


Customer ordered a replacement multipoint lock for his back door thinking it was the same as his front door it wasnt, theres that many different types Locksmiths Ormskirk have a catalogue for them.


Locksmith Ormskirk offer free no obligation quotes give us ring on 07967 778940 its probably cheaper than you think and in fact we could save you money.

Lock Replacment in Ormskirk with Locksmiths Ormskirk

Why replace your locks, when they are working okay ?, when moving into a property even a new build home there will be more than one set of keys for your door locks,  Locksmiths Ormskirk recommend our customers to replace locks to ensure they are the only ones with keys.


Lock replacment is also recommended when losing keys,  as you cant be sure that they wont be used to gain entry to your home or premises we ask our cusotmers not to leave it to chance and keep yourself and your property safe.

Free Security Checks With Locksmiths Ormskirk - Call 07967 778940 For Your Appointment

Free Security Checks With Locksmiths Ormskirk

Locksmiths Ormskirk work with and for the community and to further that relationship are now offering free security checks, so if youve just moved into a new property or business just insuring your home for the first time or would like to ensure that your current security matches what is required from your insurance give us a ring we can help.


Free Security Checks With Locksmiths Ormskirk just ask Pam or Derek for an appointment and we will come to your property and go over your security with you checking your locks doors and windows and garden security.


We have been doing security related work for over 40 years and are aware of both old and new ways that theives operate let us help you be as safe as possible.

Locksmiths Ormskirk Supplying Affordable Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems With Lockksys Locksmiths

Master key Systems can help remove the problem of having multiple keys for your school/college/office with the Locksmiths Ormskirk bespoke Master Key Systems one key can open all doors yet other keys will only open the doors authorised by yourself so you can have one key that will open all public doors but the same key will only open certain private doors.


Not only will this reduce the amount of keys you need to have yourself but also in having a restricted profile key duplication will not be possible through the local keycutter or cobbler it can only be done though ourselves so you will have full control over who can have keys and which doors they will have access to.


For moe information give Pam or Derek at Locksmiths Ormskirk a ring we are here to help our customers.

High Security Ultion Locks Supplied And Fitted In Ormskirk


When your looking for High Security Locks in Ormskirk then theres only one euro cylinder that Locksmiths Ormskirk recommend and supply and thats the Brisant Ultion, its a 3 star cylinder thats top of its class it offers top class protection against most known lock attacks.


Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we fit locks to suit every budget but this is the only make of 3 star euro cylinder that we will supply and fit, this is because we beleive it to be of the highest quality and offers the best form of protection for our customers.


For further information have a look at the Brisant Ultion website and if you would like a free no obligation quote then give Derek or Pam at Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940.

Locksmiths Ormskirk Working On All Doors All Locks

Locksmiths Ormskirk All Doors All Locks

Locksmiths Ormskirk working on all doors and all locks, as locksmiths we have the pleasure of doing a job thats enjoyable and rewarding and as we do work fot the Archdiocese of Liverpool we often have the pleasure on working on old doors such as the one pictured. The quality on these older doors is superb as often they are over 100 years old and sometime so is the locks.

No two jobs are the same and often our Locksmiths in Ormskirk are faced with a lock that is now obsolete this is also often the case with newer upvc doors. This is when experience and knowledge come in as we can nearly always make suggestions as to updating and upgrading the lock or suggesting a replacement even for the obsolete ones.

So if you need advice or would like a free no obligation quote give Pam or Derek Your Locksmiths in Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 we are here to help.

Locksmiths Ormskirk Ask Have You Got These Upvc Door Handles On Your Door ?

Locksmiths Ormskirk Upvc door handles

Why do Locksmiths Ormskirk ask have you got these Upvc Door Handles on your door ? its simple our Locksmiths in Ormskirk like to keep people safe and if youve got these type of handles then you need to ensure that your use your key to lock your door otherwise the door will be insecure and can be easily opened in seconds without damage to the lock or door, its quick its fast and its easy to do and remember its not only Locksmiths who are opening doors so be safe and lock your door with your key every time, lets not make it easy to open.

Whats the Difference Between Standard Security Locks And High Security Locks ?

Standard Or High Security Locks Whats The Differen

Here at locksmith ormskirk we supply and fit locks to suit most budgets which onlcudes both standard security locks and high security locks, so whats the difference ? putting it simply its all about how much protection the lock will provide if attacked, however some advertised high Security Locks have not achieved the highest standards available in the UK.

When choosing a high security lock its advisable to look for a lock thats achieved a 3 Star Diamond Grade rating this grading is the highest standard currently available in the UK so you know these locks are designed to protect against the newest methods of attacking locks.

If yo uwould like a no obligation quote for either standard security or high security locks then please give Derek or Pam a ring on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers.

Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940 Working With Landlords And Tenants

Locksmiths Ormskirk Working With Landlords And Tenants

Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we work with both Landlords and Tenants providing a quality efficient cost effective service for the landlord and a fast efficient service for the tenant.

As a landlord you want to maximise your profits whilst maintaining the security and safety of your tenants that where we can help, our prices are very reasonable and we can normally give you a quote over the phone, so you know what the cost is likely to be before we do the work, once youve approved the quote we will contact the tenants on your behalf arrange a time to do the work and once completed we will feedback on the work completed leave keys with the tenant and keep a spare key for the landlord.

If you would like a quote for any work then please contact Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 Locksmiths Ormskirk are a family owned business.

Your Neighbour Or Locksmiths Ormskirk The Choice Is Yours

The Helpful Neighbour

Your Neighbour or Locksmiths Ormskirk the choice is yours, one of our older age customers found himself lockled out, and the friendly neighbour offered his help but instead of calling a local locksmith he had seen it done on youtube and decided he would get the customer in without the need for a locksmith.


The picture to the left is the result, he drilled the lock badly and in the wrong place, not only this he managed to drill the upvc door handle and then through to the multipoint lock gearbox he did get the door open


The end result was not only did the customer need a lock replacing he also needed new handles and a upvc multipoint door lock, this neednt have happened Derek our Ormskirk Locksmith would have opened the door without damage to the lock handles or gearbox thus saving the customer money like we say the choice is always the customers and not the friendly neighbours.


For a no obligation quote for locksmith work give Derek or Pam of Locksmith Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers.

Appointments To Suit The Customer When You Call Locksmiths Ormskirk

Appointments To Suit The Customer With Lockismiths

With Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940 its appointments to suit the customer, whether its early morning, afternoon or evening  its the customer thats important to us so we will always try and make arrangements to suit you the customer.


We also charge the same for work whether its early morning or the evening whereas some other Ormskirk Locksmiths will charge more dependant on the time of the day. If you would like a quote for locksmith work then give your Locksmith Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 and speak directly to the owners either Pam or Derek.

Making Your Home Your Castle With Locksmiths Ormskirk

 makeing my home my castle with Locksmiths Ormskirk

Making your home your castle is possible with Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk call us on 07967 778940 for a free no obligation quote on you Lock security needs, so how can you make your home your castle ? The easiest way is by looking at what your insurance company require you to have after all insurance companies are experts in risk assessment they insure your home based on the risks involved, compare what they want you to have with what you actually have then increase the security.

Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we provide locks to suit most budgets and provide cost effective solutions to your security needs whether you have wooden doors, upvc or composite doors we can help, so call and speak directly to the owners either Derek or Pam we are here for our customers.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk Working With Landlords And Students

Locksmiths Ormskirk Working With Landlords And Students

Here at Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940 we work with Landlords and Students providing a benefit to both in a number of ways, when you need a Locksmith in Ormskirk its normally because something has gone wrong with a lock, landlords want it doing quickly for their students and the student wants the lock fixing properly for their security, thats where the benefit comes in with using us as your preferred Locksmiths in Ormskirk we can always get out to your property and solve the problem the same day, call Derek or Pam the owners of Locksmiths Ormskirk on 07967 778940 tell us the problem and we will give you a quote for the work required then pass us the details of the students to contact and we will make arrangements with them to get the work done, once the work is completed we will let you know and make arrangements to get your spare key to you if a lock needed to be replaced.

We are already well established in Ormskirk being the preferred Locksmiths In Ormskirk provider for a number of private landlords and Letting/Estate agents in Ormskirk.

Safe & Vault Problems In Ormskirk ?

Safes and Vaults - Lockkeys Locksmith Services

If you have a safe or vault problem in Ormskirk then you need a specialist safe technician and we know one of the best in the Northwest hes a member of the Master Locksmiths Association and also the Safe and Vaults Association, Mark Doyle is the go to locksmith when we are asked to open safes or vaults, if you would like his details then just give Pam or Derek of Locksmiths Ormskirk a ring on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers and thats why we recommend Mark Doyle.

Looking For Locksmiths Covering Ormskirk Call Lockkeys Locksmith Services 07967 778940 Not The Stooges

Call Lockkeys Locksmiths The Professional Locksmiths

If your looking for Locksmiths Covering Ormskirk then call Lockkeys Locksmith Services on 07967 778940 and not the Stooges. I used to love watching the Stooges they tried their hands at everything but normally things went wrong resulting in a comedy extravaganza, but theirs serious lessons to be learned from their comedy act and that is that its not always best or the cheapest to call just anyone especially when it comes to locksmiths.

We cant talk about other Locksmiths in Ormskirk but we dont do anything else but Locksmithing we dont do gardening in the summer we dont do decorating in the winter, we dont clean gutters we stick to what we know best and thats locks and our Locksmith prices in Ormskirk are probably the most competitive in Ormskirk, when you phone for Ormskirk Locksmiths you can normally guage what type of service your going to get by your conversation on the phone. We provide no obligation quotes based on our conversation with you the customer, you could then phone other locksmiths and compare the price and how your conversation went then choose.

If you then decide that you would like us to be your preferred locksmiths then just ring us back on 07967 778940.

Locksmithing is Not About When Its Going Right Its About Knowing What To Do When Its Going Wrong

Lockkeys Locksmiths Plan B

Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we always say Locksmithing is not about when its going right its about knowing what to do when its going wrong.

So an example of this is when a customer sees how easy it is to pick or drill open a lock on youtube but forget thats its always easy when you know how.


They then go about ordering some picks from an online supplier and find that they cant pick the lock so then decide to drill the lock that they have no keys for, when thyeve drilled the lock they then find that it still doesnt open thats when they call Derek or Pam at Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk 07967 778940. We provide no obligation quotes so use us as plan a it could save you money and time.

Locksmith Training Lancashire

If your lookling for Locksmith Training In Lancashire then have a look at LockPal Locksmith Training Courses (Due to commence in February 2019) www.locksmithtraining.org.uk provided by two independent trading locksmiths they offer a full and comprehensive course to those looking at starting their own locksmith business.

Because they are trading locksmiths the course will only be available to those who live at least 15 miles outside of Rainford, St Helens, Merseyside.

The intention of the course is not only to impart knowledge to enable Locksmith Students to be able to open and replace the majority of locks in the UK but also what works and what doesnt work in running a successful Locksmith business.


Locksmith Ormskirk Proud To Serve The Community

Being a Locksmith covering Ormskirk I am proud to be serving the community, although not born in Ormskirk I am Lancastrian by birth and in my younger years spent plenty of time cycling through and around Ormskirk on my way to Southport. I remember the old bus station and glad to see its still being used today in fact one of our customers is Ormskirk Student Lettings.

We used to visit Rufford Old Hall quite a bit and i was a nice walk along the canal it still is but to now be providing a Locksmith Service in Ormskirk is a great honour one of which im proud of and have being doing it this September for 10 years.

If you should need a Locksmith in Ormskirk then call us on 07967 778940 and speak directly to the business owners either Derek or Pam we offer no obligation quotes competitive prices dont charge vat or a call out charge.

Beware Rogue Locksmiths In Ormskirk


At least Dick Turpin used to wear a mask unfortunately due to the locksmith profession being unregulated there may be a few rogue Locksmiths in Ormskirk so how do you know who they are ?

First of all when you phone for a locksmith in Ormskirk your call might be answered by a call centre then they will quote you a call out fee this is usually the carrot what they dont tell you is that you will be paying this whether they do any work for you or not, then on top of this you will pay a labour charge then pay for any parts needed and a rogue locksmith will make sure parts are required.

This can be avoided by calling Ormskirk Locksmiths on 07967 778940 your call will be answered by either Derek or Pam the business owners after discussing what your needs are they will be able to give you a quote which is for the job there will be no call out fee added or vat.

Upon turning up at your property our Locksmith Ormskirk Derek will confirm what work is required and will re-iterate the price and only after your agreement will the work go ahead.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk Say Be Careful Not All Anti-Snap Locks Are The Same

20190619_104152 (1)

When looking for anti snap locks in Ormskirk our Ormskirk Locksmith Derek says be careful as not all anti-snap locks are the same. Some locks described as snap safe or anti snap will not offer you protection against a snapping attack only 3 star euro cylinders are tested to withstand a lock snapping attack and the best of these are Diamond Grade 3 star euro cylinders such as the Apecs AP Euro Cylinder.

Here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we provide no obligation quotes for all types of locksmith work whether you just need standard security cylinders, medium security cylinders of high security cylinders we can help simply call Derek or Pam of Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk on 07967 778940 we are here to help.

buddha-1120251_640 (1)

Every Morning We Are Born Again, Do Today What Matters Most (Buddha)

We lock our doors to feel safe and protect our property, so what happens when a lock isnt working correctly ? This is were we are all different some people get it fixed straight away and some leave it until it fails.

It doesnt matter what any Locksmiths in Ormskirk might advise its upto the customer and we appreciate this, so we offer no obligation quotes so customers can check how much t is likely to cost to put right.

We want our customers to be as safe as possible so also offer advice, call us on 07967 778940 and speak to Pam or Derek of Locksmiths Ormskirk.

Locksmiths Ormskirk Say Stay Safe And Lock Your Doors


At Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk we are in the business of keeping customers safe and this includes giving advice. We often visit customers who dont lock doors and windows correctly and some not at all.

We always advise to replace locks when moving into a new premises and if youve a lock that isnt working correctly to have it replaced simply because if the worse should happen then you may not be ble to claim on your insurance, this is what Swinton Insurance say:


Did you know?

In almost three out of every four burglaries (71%), the intruder enters through an unlocked door - so it’s a good idea to remember to lock up and get any faulty locks fixed as soon as you can, especially as not properly securing your home could mean a theft claim may not be covered.


Our family business owners Derek and Pam of Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk have been looking our for people all their working lives so if you just want a bit of advice on locks or would like a no obligation quote for our locksmith services in Ormskirk or surrounding areas give us a call on 07967 778940 we are here for our customers because without you we wouldnt be here.

Do Emergency Locksmiths Pick Locks ?


At Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk we provide an Emergency Locksmith Service in Ormskirk for customers but did you know that for the majority of locksmiths customers being locked out only accounts for less than 10% of our work.

Although we pick locks and train others lock picking skills in our locksmith training courses we actually spend more time practising lock picking in our workshop than we do on customers doors and of the customers who do call us for an Emergency Locksmith In Ormskirk we manage to open most of these doors without needing to pick the lock.

If you need a locksmith in Ormskirk then call Dherek or Pam for a no obligation quote on 07967 778940.


Locksmiths Ormskirk Using Specialist Tools Old And New

At Locksmiths Ormskirk we are professional locksmiths who have been providing a Locksmith Service in Ormskirk for over 10 years now and we use specialist tools both old and new, one such tool is the ball of string and magnets, yes you may laugh however its surprising how many people find themselves locked out due to having their only set of keys for the property posted through the letterbox.

However it requires skill using the magnet to fish out keys when they are not at the bottom of the door and other tools are required to get the magnet in the right position.

When you need a Locksmith in Ormskirk call Derek and Pam on 07967 778940 we are family owned and run and here for our customers.

Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk Protecting Our Customers & Ourselves


At Lockkeys Lockmiths Ormskirk health and safety has always been important but no more so than during the coronavirus lockdown we have been working through this but taking necessary infection prevention and control precautions.

Our system of work is intended to protect both our customers and ourselves by wiping down work surfaces before and after any work is carried out, we also use hand wipes and alco gel to clean our hands before and after every job that we do.

If you need Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk then call Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 we are here to help our customers stay secure.

Locksmiths Ormskirk Say Dont Forget To Lock Your Sheds


When thinking about your home security dont forget about your sheds and gates, we keep some pretty expensive stuff in sheds such as bikes and lawnmowers and we also keep tools in there which thieves could use to break into our homes.


Our job at Locksmiths Ormskirk is to keep people as safe as possible and this also includes advice. So our can I keep my sheds secure, firsat of all try and keep bikes lawnmowers ladders and other larger items chained and locked together when not in use, this makes it much harder for anyone to steal them.


Lock your shed and gates using a decent quality padlock. The black lock is a Apecs PDZ this is an alarm padlock that emits 110 decibels of noise if tampered with but is heavy enough not to move in the wind. these act as extra security.


Also pictured is a Burg Wachter padlock did you know that you can buy keyed alike padlocks which means you could have any number of padlocks working off the same key. Keep safe and secure your sheds and property nots let make it easy for the thieves..


Window Handle Keys Did You Know ?

Looking for window handle keys in Ormskirk ? did you know that most of them dont need to be cut ? in fact most are called pre-cut keys which means you can just nip into a local key cuters shop and providing they stock window keys should be able to  get one for you off the hook.

If you move into a new property and your neighbours windows are the same as yours the likelyhood is that their window handle keys will fit yours so if you dont have any they could help you out.

If you move intho a property and window handle keys are not handed over to you the their is a n easy way of getting some. take a picture of your window handle and then send it to one of the many online businesses that will identify your window handle from the picture and send you a key out to suit your handle.

Locksmiths Ormskirk are family owned when you call us on 07967 778940 you will speak directly with the business owners Pam or Derek who provide no obligation quotes.

Lock Problems Ormskirk ? Then Dont Bury Your Head In The Sand


If youve got a problem lock in Ormskirk then dont bury your head in the sand like a ostritch ( which is of course a myth) ask Pam or Derek at Locksmiths Ormskirk  for a quote on 07967 778940 as it could be a lot less expensive sorting out the problem now than leaving it until the lock fails completely.

If its a upvc door lock then it could be that the lock is ok at the moment but the door lock is simply misaligned with the door keeps and needs re-aligning this work costs far less than having to replace the full multipoint lock itself.

At Locksmiths Ormskirk we understand that some customers havent budgetted for a lock failing and so at least if you have a quote you will have an idea how much it would cost to fix your lock problem and can budget for it in the future, in the mean time we would suggest not using the door with the lock problems if you can so that you dont get locked out.


Locksmiths Ormskirk Also Replace Mailbox Locks

Locksmiths Ormskirk also provide a mailbox opening and replacement service in Ormskirk and surrounding areas, its important that your replace your mailbox locks when moving into a new property as you will not know who else may have a copy of keys.

We provide no obligation quotes for mailbox replacements so just give Pam or Derek a call on 07967 778940 at Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk we are here for the customer.