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By Derek Mercer, May 8 2018 07:38AM

Its not unusual for Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk to get a call regarding upvc window handles which are broken or the key has snapped in the lock.

We often ask the customer if they could send us a picture of the window handle because they are not all the same and not a universal fit, an example of this can be seen in the attached picture which shows 2 handles both polished chrome, one being whats called a inline handle thats the straight one, these will open both right and left but the other handle is a offset window handle which are handed so one will open to the right only and another will open to the left only the one pictured will only open to the right.

Its always easy when you know how so when customers phone us to replace handles our costing is based on sourcing a new handle similar to the ones you have on your windows, coming to your property taking off the old handle which may be in the locked position and replacing with new.

So how do you replace your handles ? Window handles are connected to the window lock with a spindle, its important that this spindle is the correct length otherwise the handle will not work. Open the window then undo the 2 screws on your old handle which attach it to your window one may have a cover on it which will need to be removed keep these screws and once the handle is off compae the spindle length with your new one and adjust if required then just put the handle back on without putting the screws in and test that its opening he right way if not adjust accordingly then just tighten up the screws, if they are too long then cut them down to the same size as the originals.

If you would prefer our Locksmith in Ormskirk to replace your handles then give us a ring on 07967 778940 for a free quote.

If you have a problem with handles then at Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk we are here for our customers and will always offer advise based on our conversation with the customer and offer a no obligation quote when required.

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