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Looking For A New Hobby Then Take Your Pick

By Derek Mercer, Sep 13 2020 10:44AM

Did you know that its a myth that locksmiths are always picking locks, its true for the most of the time we are actually dealing with locks that have have failed. Lock picking has become poipular as a hobby its cheap to do and can be therapeutic.

Theres plenty of people who now pick locks as a hobby and theres even clubs for lock sporters who meet in various parts of the country and pick challenge locks which are timedIf you fancy having a go at lock picking then look on youtube were you can get plenty of advice from hobby lock pickers and locksport enthusiasts.

A word of advice from us would be to dont buy very cheap lock picks as they will not help you in picking locks and of course dont buy the very expensive ones simply because when you first start you may snap some picks whilst learning.

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