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Beware The Fishermen

By Derek Mercer, Feb 23 2017 10:50AM

Lockkeys Locksmiths Ormskirk say to all our customers new and old "Be Safe Dont Be A Victim Of Fishing Rod Crime" This is a very old method of stealing your property, the thieves simply go around properties on an estate looking for nice cars, they then look though your letter box looking for car or house keys and fish them out through the letter box and steal property from your house and then your car, its easy its quiet but can be avoided.

So how do you stop this type of crime, simply hide your keys out of site dont leave them in view of the letter box or windows, you could fit a letter box or cage or even a letterbox shroud which will further help protect your property, dont make it easy for them look after your property and be safe.

Jul 8 2019 08:07AM by Sebastian Finley

A scamming company might also claim the lock on your home or car is disused and it needs to be replaced. They will charge you an arm and a leg to replace the existing lock with one which they will say is a high-security lock but that rarely is the case.

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