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By Derek Mercer, Jan 9 2021 06:33AM

There is light at the end of the tunnel for covid 19 as the roll out of the new vaccines begins however until everyone is vaccinated we still need to keep safe. At Locksmiths Ormskirk we are still providing a Locksmith Service in Ormskirk despite the latest lockdown but still taking the necessary infection control and prevention precautions which includes wearing overalls a face visor and disposable gloves, we also expect our customers to keep a solcial distance of 2 metres from us when we are carrying out work.

Hopefully we can get back to normallity shortly until then keep safe and all the very best for 2021.

By Derek Mercer, Sep 13 2020 10:44AM

Did you know that its a myth that locksmiths are always picking locks, its true for the most of the time we are actually dealing with locks that have have failed. Lock picking has become poipular as a hobby its cheap to do and can be therapeutic.

Theres plenty of people who now pick locks as a hobby and theres even clubs for lock sporters who meet in various parts of the country and pick challenge locks which are timedIf you fancy having a go at lock picking then look on youtube were you can get plenty of advice from hobby lock pickers and locksport enthusiasts.

A word of advice from us would be to dont buy very cheap lock picks as they will not help you in picking locks and of course dont buy the very expensive ones simply because when you first start you may snap some picks whilst learning.

By Derek Mercer, Apr 14 2020 06:37PM

First of all we hope all our customers are well and safe. To protect ourselves and our customers from any risks of infection we stopped work in March, this was in line with reccomendations from the Government. We are hoping that the pandemic will soon be over without the sad loss of any more lives. Although not working we are answering our phones and offering advice that may be able to keep you safe until you can book a locksmith, as normal we can be contacted on 07967 778940 all the very best to everyone and keep safe.

By Derek Mercer, Feb 12 2020 08:24PM

We provide a Emergency Locksmith in Ormskirk and Derek is often asked I bet you get this all the time ?

Its a little known fact that our emergency locksmith service accounts for less than 10% of our work, the majority of our time is spent working on upvc and composite doors.

Its also a fact that most locksmiths spend more time practising lock picking than they do on a customers door as the majority of the time our Ormskirk Locksmith Derek is able to gaine entry without the need to pick the lock.

For all your locksmith needs give Pam or Derek a call on 07967 778940 for a no obligation quote.

By Derek Mercer, Nov 19 2018 09:32PM

When your looking for Anti Snap Locks in Ormskirk please be aware that they are not all the same, to ensure that your fully protected against snap attacks you need 3 Star Euro Cylinders as a minimum as these have been tested to withstand lock snapping attacks, however here at Locksmiths Ormskirk we suggest you only use 3 star Diamond Grade Cylinders which is the highest standard attainable in the UK at the moment, an example The Brisant Ultion is one such euro cylinder.

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