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About Locksmith Ormskirk

Lockkeys Locksmith Services are a family owned locksmiths owned by Derek and Pamela Mercer. We started the business in 2009 with the intention of providing quality and reliability at a reasonable cost and we seem to have achieved this goal in that we have grown our business year on year.


Derek has over 34 years experience in the security industry including Armed Forces, Civil Police Services, and Security Management he is passionate about locks and providing excellent customer service which he has found lacking in other businesses.


Pam  was previously a nurse with over 40 years experience and is also passionate about providing excellent customer service. Pam provides the administrative part of the business .


We can be contacted via our contact page or:


Derek Mercer T/A

Lockkeys Locksmith Services

C/O Warrington Business Centre

65-67 Bewsey Street




[email protected]


Locksmith Ormskirk What Do We Do

Locksmith Ormskirk do both General and Commercial Locksmith Work in and around Ormskirk our services include Lock Opening, Emergency Locksmiths Ormskirk, Lock Replacement, Lock Upgrades, Lock Fitting, Upvc Door Locks, Dementia Locks and Doors Advice and much more please call Pam or Derek on 07967 778940 for a free no obligation quote.

From Serving The Country To Serving The Community Thats Locksmiths Ormskirk

HMS Mercury 1978

From serving the country to serving the community thats Locksmiths Ormskirk discipline, respect for others and the need to do all work to a good standard was instilled from an early age and continues today.

Our job is peoples security and we are experts when you ask Lockkeys Locksmiths to do work for you your employing Professional Ormskirk Locksmiths who can normally provide a quote over the phone and as we dont use call centres when you call us on 07967 778940 you will speak directly with the business owners either Derek or Pam.

How Do You Become A Locksmith ?

Lockkeys Locksmiths Lock Picks

We are often asked How do you become a Locksmith in Ormskirk ? Traditionally the craft of being a locksmith was passed down from father to son or daughter of if you were lucky enough you did an apprenticeship with a locksmith.

Its easier today but you cant go to a college or university to become a locksmith as regulated courses for locksmiths dont exist in the UK despite what you might read on some websites. Like myself I went on a Locksmith Training Course to learn the basics then further educated myself by practice and learning from other locksmiths and thats what we still do to this date.

If you want to become a Locksmith then we offer Locksmith Training Courses from our workshop in St Helens call 07961 794914 for details or visit our sister site locksmithtraining.org.uk